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Sigma Gamma Mu is a fraternity at UNC Wilmington that serves to develop true friendships and enhance the social life of its members while enduring the rigors of college life.    

Our Beginings 

In the Fall of 2012 a spirited group of close friends attending UNCW conceived the idea of a new organization on campus that would perpetuate long term relationships. After talking about it for months it was decided that action was needed and that the guys should start a new social fraternity. The leaders decided to reach out beyond the core group of members and expand and find others that were in pursuit of the same goals.  

The core group gained momentum when a large group of guys that were members of another organization were invited to be a part of this new start-up fraternity and the guys quickly bonded. 

At the first official organizational meeting on February 13, 2013, these men adopted a constitution and agreed to name the fraternity Sigma Gamma Mu.

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Sigma Gamma Mu 
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